You’re One of Those Healthy People

January 15, 2008 at 1:58 am Leave a comment

“Oh, you’re one of those healthy people.”

A colleague in my building at work said that to me this afternoon. We had bumped into each other outside the stairwell and were chatting about her department’s work. As I headed into the stairs to do my sets, she said those words. Her tone clearly indicated that she did not think well of “those healthy people”

As I proceeded to finish up my 15 sets of stairs (1st through 4th floors), I pondered her comment.  What did she mean by that?  Why is being a “healthy person” a negative?

I admit my approach to diet and exercise is a little quirky. After all, I started by working out in a storage room. I use a stability ball as my office chair, and I do multiple sets of stairs every day as my cardio workout. Most people are more mainstream in their exercise regimens: walks around the block, DVDs at home, or going to the gym.

I don’t think it was what I was doing, though, that put her off. I think it was the fact I was doing it at all. Some people seem to find healthy – or even alternative – behavior offensive. I’ve experienced a similar reaction when I am the only one not drinking in a group of people. For some reason, they become cross with me about it. Why? It has no impact on them if I don’t do what they’re doing. I’m not telling them to stop what they’re doing. I am merely making a different choice that works for me.

Perhaps they think I’m quietly judging them. Or, maybe they are judging themselves through me.

What do you think?

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