I’m Full of That!

January 17, 2008 at 2:59 am Leave a comment

No, it’s not what you think (although my boyfriend and some of my friends might disagree J).

I’m talking about being full of a type of food. When I was younger, I would frequently tell my mum, “I’m full of that”. I meant that I didn’t want to eat anymore of a particular item but that I wasn’t full. I just wanted to eat something else.

We have laughed about that over the years. She has considered it one of my charming quirks. I’m gratified to find out, though, that there’s a scientific basis for my food-specific fullness.

In “Eating Slowly May Not Help You Shed Pounds“, I learned that the enjoyment we get from our food is diminished as we continue to consume it. The first taste is usually fantastic, but the more we eat, the less we like it. Eating something new starts the cycle over again.

“We call this sensory-specific satiety: you become full for one specific sensory experience — say, the taste of pasta — but not others. That is why after lots of salty foods you still enjoy foods with a different taste, such as a sweet dessert. Serving meals with lots of different sensory experiences prolongs eating and probably has a greater influence on how much you eat than how fast.”

Sensory-specific satiety“. Ooo! That sounds so very official to me! Considering that most of my childhood responses to food were generally off-base, I’m proud to know that one of my instincts was right on target.

The rest of the article is interesting, too. It basically says that eating slowly doesn’t impact our weight the way it’s commonly been thought. How the food tastes is more important as is consuming foods that are lower in calorie density, which just means that they have fewer calories per bite. I was never that good at the “pausing between bites” technique, so this won’t change my habits any. It’s good to know, though, that I’m not hurting myself by eating quickly.


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