Expecting the Unexpected

January 18, 2008 at 5:24 am Leave a comment

One thing my lifestyle change has taught me: expect the unexpected. I’m a planner, so it used to really throw me off when my plans went up in an unanticipated puff of smoke. I would think I was going to dinner at home at 5 p.m. and would eat accordingly. Then something would happen, and I’d be eating at 7 p.m. at a restaurant. Sudden shifts like that could really derail my diet and exercise goals.

Knowing what I know now, I plan for the unplanned. Here’s what I do.

KEEP EXTRA BOTTLES OF WATER IN THE CAR.  I live in the Western U.S. where dehydration can happen very easily. Especially in the summer, having water with you is a must. Also, we frequently confuse thirst with hunger. Drinking a bottle of water when you think you’re hungry can keep you from making an ill-advised stop at the drive-thru.

CARRY VITAMINS IN MY PURSE.  I eat a fair amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, but I know I don’t always get the nutrients I need. So taking a multi-vitamin is really important. I don’t usually eat breakfast at home where my bottle of vitamins sits in the medicine cabinet. Since most vitamins are best taken with food, I tuck three or four tablets in a tiny Ziploc bag my purse so I can take one wherever I’m at when I eat.

ALWAYS CARRY NUTRITION BARS OR ANOTHER PORTABLE LOW-CALORIE FOOD IN MY PURSE.  This is absolutely critical for me! I am prone to drops in blood sugar and nausea if I get too hungry, so I need to eat when my body tells me so. I don’t do well with waiting. And, if I have to wait, I end up overeating by the time I sit down to my meal… a sure-fire way to ruin my calorie count for the day. So, I always have a Z-Bar, an apple, or some grape tomatoes with me to take the edge off and stay on track.

KEEP HAND WEIGHTS IN MY CAR. I regularly bring 8-pound hand weights with me when I travel. This allows me to do an impromptu workout when I’m on the road or even hanging out at someone’s house. Combining simple moves like lunges and squats with the weights keeps me toned even when I can’t get to the gym or do an exercise DVD at home.

What do you do to stay on track when the unexpected strikes?


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