In Praise of Dishy Dudes

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Men who do housework are hot, according to Gals make passes at guys who wash glasses.

I agree! Guys who are willing to roll up their sleeves and wash dishes, do laundry or perform some other household function are very attractive to me, too. It’s not only a matter of bearing some of the burden physically and time-wise. For me, it also shows how much a man cares about me and the space we’re sharing that he’s willing to pitch in with what’s typically been known as “women’s work”.

My BF doesn’t live with me, but he regularly shares my residence when he’s not traveling. Because he travels so much, running the household generally falls to me. I’m okay with that. It’s my place, and he’s not there three-quarters of the time anyway. When he is there, though, he makes an effort to help out.

For example, I’m a nut about making the bed. I love coming home a night to a neatly made bed; it’s simultaneously inviting and soothing. My BF doesn’t particularly care one way or the other, but he always makes the bed if he’s the last one to leave in the morning. He even puts a creative spin on the chore by placing the pillows and stuffed animals differently each time. J

We all agree that women are happier when their men share household duties, but what’s in it for the guy? According to the article, “a recent survey by Parenting magazine found that ‘choreplay,’ i.e., husbands pitching in around the house, was what put 15 percent of moms in the mood.” Nice! That’s what I call a win-win situation!

How does this article relate to diet and exercise? Indirectly. Consider a study of 1,652 married couples done by the American University of Beirut.

“Our results showed a significant association between husbands’ involvement in housework and their wives’ psychosocial health,” wrote Marwan Khawaja, author of the study.

“…wives whose husbands were minimally involved in housework were 60 percent more likely to be distressed, three times more likely to be uncomfortable with their husbands, and more than twice as likely to be unhappy.”

Many distressed and unhappy women eat more and exercise less, which is not conducive to a successful lifestyle change. There’s the connection.

The bottomline for men? Helping around the house means your lady will be more inclined share a different kind of soapy experience with you after the dishes are done!


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