Lovin’ the Giant

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I’m in love! Green Giant has come out with a new trio of seasoned frozen veggies, and they are fantastic! In 90 to 180 low-fat calories, they provide 1-2 servings of veggies and 4–10 grams of fiber, all with very reasonable amounts of sodium. I’m extremely impressed by the low sodium counts because so many of these packaged foods have an astronomical salt content. The fact that Green Giant has been able to develop such tasty treats without overwhelming our systems with salt is quite an achievement.

Besides being delicious and nutritious, they are convenient, coming in their own steam-in-the-microwave bags. Plus, they’re reasonably priced. I can get ‘em for $1.42 a box at my local Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Green Giant “Healthy Vision” Frozen Veggie BlendThe varieties include:

HEALTHY WEIGHT – Sliced carrots, sugar snap peas, black beans and edamame lightly tossed with butter sauce.

IMMUNITY BOOST – Broccoli florets, julienne carrots and red and yellow sweet pepper strips in a garlic-herb infused extra virgin olive oil seasoning.

HEALTHY VISION – Sliced carrots, zucchini quarters, and sliced green beans lightly tossed with rosemary butter sauce.

They’re terrific on their own, but it’s easy to make them into a more substantial meal. For example, I mix a bit of diced cooked chicken breast into the HEALTHY VISION blend along with some parmesan cheese for a yummy and filling dinner that’s ready in 4 minutes.  You can do the same thing with canned tuna or salmon or even tofu.

If you haven’t tried these gems yet, give ‘em a go. I bet you’ll be hooked on ‘em in no time like I am!


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