An Imperfect Art

March 5, 2008 at 2:07 am Leave a comment

Get Fit Slowly has done a comprehensive review of whole wheat bread offered at their local grocery store. They left off my favorite: Aunt Hattie’s Light Wheat. I would have been interested to read their thoughts on the taste. I like it quite a bit.

The analysis is a handy resource for those trying to make their morning toast as healthy as it can be. More interesting, though, is that it underscores how much research can go into our decisions about food if we are inclined to delve deep.

GFS covers cost, weight (sometimes the weight listed on the packaging is inaccurate!), nutrition stats, ingredients and taste. All of those elements relate to just one food item – bread – and only one type of that food item – whole wheat bread. What are our best white bread options? Is Rye better than Pumpernickel? What about sprouted grains, like those in Ezekiel Bread, a popular clean-eating choice?

I find it hard to balance calories, cost and nutritionals when I’m deciding on food. It can be so maddening that I occasionally have the urge to throw up my hands in defeat and declare never to eat again. Um… not likely… but you know what I mean. I have adopted a “good enough” philosophy. I evaluate as many factors as possible but ultimately go with what works best for my situation. If that means spending a little more on a pre-packaged item with some extra sodium, knowing it’ll help me meet my veggie quota and keep me on track calorie-wise, I’m going to do it.

Kristen of Kristen’s Raw says that, when attempting to “go raw”:

“… it means being flexible with your options and that can mean living a High Raw lifestyle for the most part, at least in the beginning.”

A great first step: Stay focused on an objective to incorporate more fresh whole fruits and vegetables into your diet every day. Once you start doing this, you automatically reduce some of the not-so-healthy foods. This could mean having two green smoothies every day, or eating a salad before every lunch and dinner, or eating Raw breakfasts and Raw desserts (instead of cooked breakfasts and desserts), or all of the above.”

This is great advice. Don’t fall into the perfection trap. Instead of aiming for eating 100% the way you’ve chosen (low-carb, low-calorie, clean, raw, etc.), go for 75%. Maybe, at the beginning, you go for 25% and then work your way up to 50% and then move up again to 75%.

Be flexible with yourself. We are imperfect creatures, so it makes sense that eating right is an imperfect art.


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