Raising the Bar

March 6, 2008 at 2:37 pm Leave a comment

Eating well during a busy day is a constant challenge, which is why many of us turn to nutrition bars to keep hunger at bay while providing our bodies with the sustenance they crave. Not all bars are created equal, though, as I blogged several weeks ago.

ZBars meet my requirements: low calories, high quality ingredients, solid nutrition stats, reasonable cost, and ready availability. If still haven’t found your perfect bar, you can now create your own.

The You Bar allows you to choose all the ingredients for your perfect nutrition bar and even name it yourself. The company was started two years ago by mother-and-son team Ava Bise and Anthony Flynn. Ava, who teaches belly dancing and snowboarding and is an avid yoga practitioner, started making her own bars at home ten years ago using primarily organic ingredients, including soy-nut butters, nuts, granolas and dried fruits. After customizing bars for family and friends, Ava and Anthony decided to go into business.

Designing your own bars is fun, but what if you don’t like the combination you come up with? No worries! The You Bar website offers several popular variations and allows customers dissatisfied with their choices to return them and reorder.

I wouldn’t be concerned about finally finding the ideal bar and then having the company go belly up either. After two years in the biz, The You Bar seems to have moved past the start-up stage. And, with the attention generated by a recent NY Times article about the company, I bet they’ll be going strong for a long time to come.

If the current offerings in nutrition bars leave you disappointed, give The You Bar a try. After all, what you eat every day is critical to a successful lifestyle change; it’s definitely all about you! J


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