Xen and the Yum of Energy

March 10, 2008 at 2:05 am 1 comment

537.jpg  We all need a vice, right?  At least a little one.  That’s how I feel anyway.  I am so careful with nearly everything I do.  I closely monitor what I eat; I follow a regular exercise regimen.  I don’t smoke or do drugs.  I rarely drink.  I don’t engage in other risky behaviors.  I don’t shop excessively because I’m on a fiscal diet as well as a physical one.

My main form of “cutting lose” is dancing up a storm at the kick-ass but comfortable bar where I met my BF and where we now hang out regularly.  I shake my groove thing for hours on end while sipping club soda or water.  It’s tremendous fun – not to mention another great way to burn calories – but it hardly qualifies as a vice.

I do have one modest indulgence that some consider a vice.  I love Xenergy energy drinks.  I started drinking energy drinks when I began hiking in the early morning hours.  That first morning, Starbucks wasn’t open, so I had a sugar-free Redbull.  It did the trick; my eyes were wide open when I hit the trail.  But, man, it was nasty stuff!  Yuck!  Since then I’ve tried a variety of energy drinks, always sugar-free, and they’ve been pretty dreadful.  Rip It! isn’t bad; the sugar-free Citrus X is the tastiest variety and will do in a pinch.

About six months ago, I found Xenergy in a convenience store.  I tried the Mango Guava and was hooked.  All Xenergy flavors are sugar-free and delicious.  Oh, and, they pack an energy punch, too.  My other fave flavors are Blu Pom and Pink Lemon, but every one I’ve tasted has been really good.  They are a calorie-free treat that gives me a lift, especially when I want to shake my groove thing late into the evening.

I call these a modest vice because they contain a lot of caffeine.  Excessive caffeine can cause problems like irritability and insomnia.  These beverages also contain “supplements” that are somewhat controversial like Taurine and Guarana Extract.   As far as I know, there hasn’t been any definitive evidence linking these ingredients to any demonstrably bad side effects, but since they’re so new, it’s hard to know exactly what they do in the body in high doses over an extended period of time.

Still, I need something to look forward to during the day, and these drinks are often it.  They keep me from munching away on cookies and chocolate.  They bring me some yum while giving me a boost to make doing sets of stairs a little easier.  I limit my consumption to two a day, and I don’t have them every day of the week.  I sure do enjoy them when I have ’em, though, and I’m glad they’re there to be my little vice.


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  • 1. Shannon Sharpe  |  October 9, 2008 at 7:29 am

    Got to give you on dancing, I think I’m a little bit older
    than you and have not been to a bar or dance club in maybe 10 years, something happens
    when you get married and have kids, but I remember I just looked amazing when I
    used to dance.  Even Tina Turner say’s it’s her best kept secret.  So a few days
    I got this new dance exercise video that seemed to be getting great press called
    DanceX with Kenn Kihiu from
    http://www.dancexfitness.com one word amazing. It’s fun easy to follow with
    some great music. There is a lady in the background who looks just like me and
    she seems to be just fighting to keep up with the instructor so it makes me feel
    like I’m not all alone.  Made me feel young again, maybe I might grub my hubby
    and twist his arm for a night out of town!


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