The Power of Push-Ups: Update

March 17, 2008 at 12:15 am Leave a comment

After reading last week about what a great exercise push-ups are, I decided to add them back into my strength training routine.  I initially thought I’d wait ’til next week, but I figured there was no point in putting it off.  Seize the day!  Just do it!

In addition to my stair cardio and my usual weights workout, I did push-ups four days this past week.  The first three days, I did 10 straight-leg push-ups consecutively each day.  The last day, I did 15 consecutively.  Woohoo!  I will start doing 16 this week so I’m at least where I’m supposed to be according to national averages.

A cool side note: I came across another blogger that had read the same article, decided to test himself and found he could only do 3 push-ups.  I was so excited to know that I, former out-of-shape Fat Girl, could do 10 right off the bat!  Understand, I’m mentioning this not to be rude or unkind about his efforts.  It really has nothing to do with him.  I sometimes feel I’m not nearly in as a good shape as I could be.  Realizing that a strong, fitness-minded man can struggle to meet national standards, just like me, is validating.  It helps me see that I have come a long way in my fitness.


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