The Power of Push-Ups: the BF Edition

March 19, 2008 at 4:23 am 1 comment

How cool is this?!  I’m catching up with my BF tonight on the phone because he’s working out of town, and come to find out, last night, he did four push-ups!  He nearly did five!  Now, you may be thinking: “What’s the big deal?”

Well, it’s a HUGE deal.  I recently wrote about what a great exercise push-ups are.   They are so good for the body, working several different muscle groups at once, and they provide a lot of benefit as we age.

I got very excited when my BF told me of his accomplishment, but he downplayed it.  He thought that four push-ups weren’t very good, considering the average for a man roughly his age is 27.   I reminded him that many people can’t do them at all, nevermind doing more than one consecutively.  I also reminded him of a fellow health & fitness blogger who could only do three of them.  This particular blogger has been working out for a while, weighs less than my BF does, and is younger than my BF. 

I’m really proud of my BF for even giving it a go.  Push-ups are daunting under the best of circumstances, but when you haven’t worked out and are carrying more pounds than you’d like, it’s tough to be motivated to try at all.  My BF didn’t let that hold him back, though.  He just did it.  Way to go, Honey! 


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