Eat or Drink: Not Both

March 22, 2008 at 1:26 am 1 comment

This is a fun-filled fiesta weekend for me and my BF.  He’s home (yay!) after a week on the road, and we have a shindig tonight and one tomorrow.  I really enjoy these celebrations except for the eating and drinking.  It’s so hard to stay the course in party mode.

Last weekend, I tried not eating or drinking alcohol.  That was an abysmal failure.  It just made me outrageously cranky, and I ended up picking a fight with my BF over foolishness.  We got through it okay, but I realized that I have to allow myself a bit of wiggle room.  I have to be able to let loose and relax a little.  I hold myself to such strict standards generally that it can become oppressive.  Gotta break free every once in a while.

So, this weekend, rum & diet cokes are on the menu.  Instead of indulging in an hors d’oeuvres or two, I will imbibe a drink or two… but no food.  That’s my compromise.  I’ve come too far to sabotage my success in a weekend. 

I’m also going to bring my own diet soda with me to the parties.  That way, I know I’ll have what I like and what fits my plan.  They can provide the booze; I’ll provide the mixer. 

It’s all good, and I will be a lot less fussy in the long run!


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Waiting to Exhale Still Intimidated by the Numbers

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  • 1. Alcohol & Eating Clean « Sassy Sexy Shapely  |  March 31, 2008 at 2:40 am

    […] March 31, 2008 I’m pretty strict with myself, both in terms of eating and drinking alcohol. I almost never eat the quantity and type of food I frequently crave, and I rarely drink. After a recent less-than-stellar weekend evening with my BF, I realized I needed to be able to cut loose a little bit once in a while, which is what prompted me to write a post about the fact that I could eat or drink, but not both. […]


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