Facing Down Fatigue

March 27, 2008 at 2:54 am Leave a comment

It’s been a long week.  Things have really ramped up at work, and I’m feeling the pressure.  It’s a great job (love it!), but it can be very stressful.  Several issues have hit at once this week, and it’s been super busy.  I’ve had to be up extra early to meet with people on various important projects.  I’m tired, really tired. 

It’s always hard to follow my eating plan when I’m struggling with fatigue, and this week has been no different.  I’ve done okay.  I’ve eaten somewhat badly but not terribly out of whack.  Even though I’ve consumed more calories than my allotted amount, I’ve successfully fought the urge to binge. 

As usual, I’ve kept on track with my exercise.  Today I did my 15 sets of stairs, 1st thru 4th, for the third day in a row.  I did my weights workout on Monday. I did 15 consecutive straight-leg push-ups yesterday and 20 today.  Tomorrow I will do my weights workout again, finishing my strength training up for the week… along with getting in my fourth day of cardio.  I’ll do push-ups twice more this week and a final round of cardio on Friday.

Today, though, when I was doing the stairs, I could feel that my body wasn’t performing up to par.  I didn’t have my normal energy, not even with a Xenergy boost.  That’s okay; as long as I get it done, I’m content.

I wish I could be more content with my response to the eating challenges.  After years of doing this lifestyle change, I’ve come to an uneasy peace with “good enough”.  It’s the best I can do, and sometimes that has to suffice.


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