Going Green

April 2, 2008 at 2:03 pm 1 comment

For a while last year, I was drinking 5 cups of green tea a day. I started doing it when the calorie-burning green-tea soft drink Enviga first came out. Drinking green tea in quantity has been proven to boost weight loss, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it, especially because I like tea anyway and normally drink a lot of it. I didn’t want to spend outrageous sums on those little cans, though, so I decided to go the cheaper route of slurping down several tea bags’ worth of the celery-colored liquid on a daily basis.

I haven’t been quite as consistent in my green-tea consumption lately, not since starting my new job. I still drink several cups of tea every day, but more often than not, it’s black tea. A recent posting on Yahoo!’s food blog has prompted to resume my green-tea habit.

Green tea achieves superfood status because of its polyphenols. Here’s a short list of the body benefits of this extraordinary beverage:

  1. Cut your cancer risk
  2. Soothe your skin
  3. Protect your skin
  4. Steady your blood pressure
  5. Protect your memory
  6. Stay young
  7. Lose weight

Despite its benefits, green tea can be an acquired taste. At first I didn’t like the flavor; it wasn’t robust enough and had a grassy aftertaste. I’ve now developed an appreciation for it, but Maggie Nemser, a health blogger at Shine.com, hasn’t quite gotten there yet. She’s looking for ways to jazz it up with milk or sweeteners. She needs to stick with soy milk or another non-dairy option. According to Wikipedia’s write-up on green tea, “…adding milk to tea will block the normal, healthful effects that tea has…”. Apparently, “casein from the milk binds to the molecules in tea that cause the arteries to relax… Plant-based ‘milks’, such as soy milk, do not contain casein and are not known to have similar effects on tea.” I recommend unsweetened vanilla almond milk. At only 40 calories per cup with a gram of fiber, it’s a yummy alternative, unless you have nut allergies.

Starting this week, I am drinking more green tea, and I’ll be carrying it in my bag for business lunches and road trips. It’s just one more way to keep myself healthy now and in the future.


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  • 1. Kelly  |  January 21, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    I love almond milk…great suggestion.


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