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I almost cried when I read “So, you’ve lost 100 pounds. Now, what?”  It could have been written just for me.

“Some are surprised to discover the struggle doesn’t end when they hit their goal weight. While the outside world sees a slimmer body, their personal body image often remains distorted.”

I continue to see myself as Fat Girl… a slightly less fat version of my old self, granted, but still fat. I am frequently so disappointed by what I see in the mirror, even as a size 4/6. It just doesn’t match what I think I should look like. And I worry constantly about “falling off the wagon” and gaining the weight back, even after 5 ½ years.

“What dieters often don’t realize is, while they can relax a little about how much they eat, they have to remain vigilant. The worst mistake dieters who have lost a lot of weight make is to think that they’re “done,” and that they no longer have to choose their food wisely and responsibly.”

“But to maintain your weight loss, you always have to pay attention to what you eat. Yes, always, no matter what you weigh.”

I am well aware that I have to continue to monitor myself carefully if I want to maintain what I’ve achieved. Lots of well intentioned people have told me I need to relax and not worry so much about it. That’s nearly impossible for me to do. As I explained to my BF after a particularly challenging day, with tears pouring down my cheeks, I am a fat person. Keeping weight off does NOT come naturally to me. Although it’s easier than it used to be to maintain the discipline I’ve developed, it is ALWAYS a battle. Sometimes it’s a war; sometimes it’s a minor skirmish, but it’s ALWAYS a battle of some kind.

The article provides great tips for staying on track. One in particular has been a critical weapon in my weight loss maintenance arsenal.

“Allow yourself a weight-gain range of 3-5 pounds without panicking. When you’re at the lower end of your range, give yourself a little freedom to enjoy some of your favorite foods. If your weight goes up another pound or two, then you’ll need to pull in the reins again to keep yourself within your desired range.”

I weigh myself every day so I always know exactly where I’m at.  When my weight is up more than three pounds, I do start to panic, and I rededicate myself to the tactics that have helped me lose and keep off 117 pounds.

Some of my friends have accused me of being obsessive; some have suggested I have a borderline eating disorder because I am so consumed by watching my weight. This article is the validation I’ve needed to show that I do not have a problem. I am merely doing what’s required if I’m truly committed to keeping the weight off.

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“So, tell me how I can look like you” Resistance is Possible

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