Doin’ It on the Job

April 24, 2008 at 4:47 am 1 comment

I am a firm believer in working out at work. We spend so much time on the job that, to me, it just makes sense to maximize the hours by building exercise into our work days.

I’ve devised a stair climbing workout that includes:

  • Walking briskly up the stairs
  • Jogging up the stairs
  • Taking the stairs two at a time
  • Walking sideways up the stairs
  • Coming down with legs wide (for inner thighs)
  • Coming down in a serpentine fashion (back and forth)
  • Decline push-ups one or two steps up
  • Triceps dips on the bottom step

I “do my stairs” four to five days a week and supplement with strength training using 8-pound or 10-pound weights at home.

Sharron Davies, the former Olympic swimmer and one of the UK’s leading female athletes, is also a proponent of office fitness. She has published a fantastic five-part series of desk exercises on the Times Online.

  • Part One – posture, neck and shoulder flexibility
  • Part Two – tricep squeezes, sitting back arches and ankle side bends
  • Part Three – quad flexes, calf stretches and ankle rotations
  • Part Four – wrist rotations, triceps lift and side raises
  • Part Five – simple dips, seat raises and bicep curls

To register for Sharron’s monthly “at your desk” toning exercises, go to Leitz Office Games.  I signed up, and I’m looking forward to getting the first newsletter.  You can never learn too many ways to stay in shape.


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