5 Ways to Eat Healthy at Work

May 17, 2008 at 4:28 pm Leave a comment

We spend so much time at work that the office can really make or break our healthy eating plans. A recent article on Shine.com, “5 Ways to Eat Green at Work“, offers simple but effective ideas on how to set yourself up for eating success at your workplace.

  • Great Idea #1 – Stock healthy snacks
  • Great Idea #2 – Ditch the vending machine and replace it with a refrigerator
  • Great Idea #3 – Send in the farm
  • Great Idea #4 – Call in a healthy caterer instead of ordering pizzas
  • Great Idea #5 – Demand change

I like all of ‘em, but I would change number 5 slightly. Change should be suggested rather than demanded. Even better, we ourselves need to be models for change.

I use a stability ball for an office chair, climb sets of stairs during my breaks, and bring my own healthy food selections from home. My lifestyle focus is obvious, but I try not to force it on anyone. When meetings are planned, I suggest that we offer fruit or whole wheat items along with the usual donuts and pastries. If someone catches me running stairs and asks about it, I tell them about my experiences and encourage them to do whatever exercise is best for them.

Work doesn’t necessarily have to derail our efforts to be fit and healthy. We just have to think a little creatively and encourage our employers to do the same.


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