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These two articles really resonated with me.  I hope you find them as insightful as I did.

Are you too obsessed with the scale? by Margarita Bertsos

Powerful Paragraph:

“This weekend, when I got on the scale and discovered I’d gained a few pounds, I had a moment of sheer panic–panic that I will never reach my goal, that I’ll never get the body I want and that I’d let all of you down who’ve been reading about my journey. After 24 hours of sulking (and washing it down with far too many servings of frozen yogurt), I force-fed myself a major reality check: I am NOT perfect. And being a shape-up blogger does not require that I am. I will have days when I dip into the office peanut-butter cups far too many times; and days when I’ll have no good reason not to go to the gym and yet I still won’t get there; and moments of thinking (irrationally) that, just because I put back on a few pounds, all of the progress I’ve made so far means nothing. I’ve got to cut myself some slack to do and feel all of these things–and then I’ve got to get back on the shape-up horse and move forward!”

Body of Work: Weight-loss surgery is the easy way out  by Anne Fitzgerald

Powerful Paragraph:

“I took the easy way out, after all. It was too hard to love myself at 300 pounds. I wasn’t healthy, sure, and I needed to be lighter for my knees, my heart, my blood sugar–but I also bought into everything that told me I was ugly, unpleasant to look at, not good enough. It’s still frequently difficult to love myself at 140 pounds, to tell you the truth–nobody is immune to self-esteem issues, to insecurity and doubt, and it’s not fair to suggest that a thin person is not allowed to feel as uncomfortable in her body as a fat person. They’re just as subject to the pictures of flawless, Photoshopped bodies and taut thighs and sculpted abs maybe they’ll never have. But it is entirely fair to suggest that they sure have it easier, in a million tiny ways.”


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