Dealing with Cravings

May 25, 2008 at 3:50 am Leave a comment

The often overwhelming desire to eat has long been explained as an evolutionary quirk dating back to when food was scarce.  Why do we tend to crave potato chips rather than carrots?

“…because fatty, salty and sweet foods tended to be life-sustaining, scientists theorize that favoring them proved an evolutionary advantage.”

Ah!  Well, that makes sense.  But we can do about it??  Here are some techniques I’ve pulled from an interesting article on MSNBC.

  • STASH – Stock up on low-cal, low-fat versions of what you crave most.
  • SCHEDULE – Make an appointment with yourself to enjoy a small amount of your favorite item.
  • STALL – Most cravings dissipate after 20 minutes, so waiting it out may help.  Chew a piece of gum and then occupy your mind with some other activity.
  • SNIFF – Studies have shown that the scent of peppermint can cut cravings.  Pop a mint or slather yourself with a minty-smelling lotion.
  • SHIFT – Rather than focusing on eliminating a food entirely, think instead of cutting down your portions.
  • SEE – Looking at a new image can derail your urge for cookies and cake.  Distract yourself with pictures online or thumbing through a coffee table book.
  • SURRENDER – Apparently, it’s okay to give in once in a while!  The key is making sure that you’re satisfying your craving with high quality stuff so you really enjoy it.
  • STILL – Quiet your inner struggle with food, and the cravings may disappear on their own.

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