Sustainable Solutions

May 30, 2008 at 12:48 pm Leave a comment

The other day, I attended a foreclosure symposium for work.  One panelist noted that, for any approach to be successful, it had to include sustainable solutions.

In times of crisis, it’s tempting to react in extreme ways, to take drastic measures to correct a situation we feel has gone awry.  This definitely applies to weight loss.  We see a bad picture of ourselves and decide we’ve got to drop our calories to 1,000 a day and exercise for 90 minutes, six days a week.  It works for a couple of weeks, but we find ourselves starving and cranky, worn out and possibly injured, unable to sustain that plan, which leads us to drop it all together… giving up entirely on trying to lose weight and get healthy.

Weight loss and physical fitness need to be built into our lifestyles.  They’ve got to be something we can do for six months, a year, three years, five years and more.  They are not to be undertaken rashly.  At least, not if we want the weight loss to last. 

In a weird way, this is freeing.  We are free from the pressure to become weekend warriors and push ourselves to dramatically cut calories.  We are free to develop plans that we can manage within the parameters of our hectic, challenging lives. 

In the long run, sustainable solutions are the only way to achieve our health and weight loss goals.


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