Is the “fat” fare feasible?

June 15, 2008 at 4:29 pm Leave a comment

While we all shared a good laugh over the faux, pay-by-the-pound, Derrie-Air luxury airline, the product of a phony ad campaign by innovative ad agency , it’s an ignominious idea that could have some teeth… someday anyway.

According to MSNBC’s “Weighty issues for air travelers“,

“…while exploring every nook and cranny for ways to save money, airlines might be serious about the idea of charging passengers by their poundage.”

The idea of charging fliers by the pound is not new, but it still has significant hurdles to overcome to be considered a viable option.  First of all, most people, even “skinny” ones, are loath to get on a scale in front of their spouses, never mind in front of a ticket agent or, worse, a long line of total strangers.

And, what sort of logistics or infrastructure would be involved with acquiring, maintaining, and staffing all those scale stations?  Would airlines use existing baggage scales?  Would private areas be set up so that passengers would feel more comfortable being weighed and told their fares?  Who would ensure the accuracy of the equipment?  How would disputes be handled?

There’s no doubt that a the challenges of meeting the bottomline are forcing airlines to become more imaginative in how they cut costs and boost revenue.  Every idea should be explored, but hopefully this one will be cast aside as quickly as it rose to the top.


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