Gourmet meals that travel

July 11, 2008 at 2:01 pm Leave a comment

The ever inventive Mark Bittman has developed 101 fast, but gourmet, meal ideas for our summer picnics.  I like ’em for a weekday dinner.  How does he think of this stuff? As I work on becoming the Sassy Chef, I continue to be amazed by folks who truly have the cooking gift.  I am grateful that chefs like Mark share their ideas so freely.

“Quick & easy” gets my vote every time, and there are plenty of recipes in this list that fit the bill.  Here are my favorites in no particular order.

  • Mix feta cubes and green grapes (or grape tomatoes or pieces of watermelon).  Add mint, salt, pepper and olive oil.
  • Mash an avocado into some salsa, even jarred if necessary.
  • Toss cornbread cubes with blueberries, lemon juice, olive oil and hazelnuts.
  • Toss chopped shrimp or shredded crab or lobster with lemon juice, chopped chives, salt and pepper.  Use this to fill avocado halves.
  • Thinly slice grilled butterflied leg of lamb; toss with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, mint, feta and chopped red onion.
  • Make sandwiches of angel food cake and ganache or fruit compote.
  • Mix peanut butter and cream cheese.  Spread between two good cookies and make sandwiches.  Or mix honey, lemon zest and cream cheese.  Make sandwiches with ginger snaps.

Ooo… they all sound super yummy!  These are great party foods, too.  Might have to use one or two or all of ’em at my next get-together.


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