Snap out of it!

September 18, 2008 at 4:46 am Leave a comment

I just got off the phone with my BF’s brother, and talking with him gave me some valuable perspective.  I need to snap out of my dressing-room doldrums. 

My BF’s brother is dealing with several tough circumstances (some of which my BF has on his plate, too).  His mom has dementia and is a living with a cousin in another state.  Thankfully, the cousin is an amazing woman who gives my BF and his brother’s mom better care than any of us could.  But, the dementia is progressively getting worse, and my BF’s brother is understandably extremely concerned about it.  Also, his house has gone into foreclosure.  He’s adjusting to a new job as well as a new, somewhat rocky, relationship.  He’s only sleeping 3 hours a night.

He’s not the only one going through a rough patch.  Three of my friends have been laid off for over a month and a half with no prospects in sight.  My mum recently informed me that her husband is down to 17% kidney function; once he hits 10%, he goes on dialysis.  He’s looking into lap band surgery.  Nationally, the headlines get scarier every day.

And here I am, worrying that I don’t look like a 17-year-old in the buff??  Get over it!!  I have achieved great success in an area most people can’t: losing weight and keeping it off.  Losing 121 pounds – and maintaining that loss – is no small feat.  I have a truly terrific job that pays me quite well and, more importantly, engages my mind and creativity every single day.  I have a nice place to live.  Even the double flooding has lots of blessings attached to it, not the least of which is that my animals and stuff are unharmed, that my landlord is diligent about getting things fixed and that he’s also a high quality person who’s waiving next month’s rent.  I have an extraordinary man who thinks I’m totally beautiful and smart, does lovely little things for me, and is truly a partner in our life together.  I have good friends and adopted family here, people who’ll give me a shoulder to cry on or a place to stay in a heartbeat if I need either one. 

I am beyond blessed, markedly so in these tumultous times.  No more dwelling on the ridiculous anymore.  Many thanks to God and the Universe for blessing me.  May I always appreciate it and celebrate it and be there for others when they need me.


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