Dealing with “Diet Fatigue” and “the Game”

September 28, 2008 at 8:38 pm Leave a comment

As you know, I’ve been working on my lifestyle change for six years.  That’s a long time, and burnout is always a risk.  In fact, I think burnout is what I’m challenged with right now.  Because I’m basically in the maintenance stage, some of the foundational tactics I use every day are wearing on me.  I’m suffering “diet fatigue”.

I was talking about it with a girlfriend at a mutual friend’s birthday party last night.  We were at the Olive Garden, and my girlfriend was telling me about her buddy’s who’s lost, at her lowest weight, 120 pounds, and is struggling with being 10-13 pounds up.  She lost 100 pounds in a year and has been struggling with the ups and downs of the last 20 pounds for the last 9 months or so.  She has complained to my girlfriend that she’s sick of having to diet, having to watch what she eats constantly.  I hear that!  Wait ’til she’s been at it for six years!

So, how do we stay motivated for the long term?  I’ve been researching it, and here are some articles and tips I’ve found that may help.

My girlfriend also told me that her buddy is more sensitive to certain things about her looks, now that she’s lost so much weight, than she was before.  I have experienced the same thing.  When I was Fat Girl, I was not in “the game”.  I was so far out of the realm of what’s considered societally attractive, or “hot”, that it just wasn’t on my radar.  I knew there was no hope for me to compete on that level, so I didn’t even bother.  In a way, that was freeing.  Although I would frequently feel down about myself when I went out with girlfriends, I was more relaxed because I knew I didn’t have to play “the game”.

Once I started losing weight, I was suddenly in “the game”… or, kind of in it.  Now, I’m fully in the game, and I feel a lot of pressure.  I have been described as “hot” and “beautiful”, and I am constantly aware of the need to live up to that standard.  Thankfully, my BF met me and fell in love with me when I was about 25 pounds heavier, so I know he loves me for me… or at least a slightly heavier me.  I still have worries, though, that if I were to fall completely off the wagon, he would not stick around.  I also want to look good for him and his social group.  An attractive woman on a guy’s arm is an asset; just knowing that adds to the pressure.

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this hyperawareness and sense of obligation to maintain a standard of attractiveness or improve on it.

I think I need to meet my girlfriend’s buddy.  We have a lot in common!


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