How do you see yourself?

November 6, 2008 at 2:39 pm Leave a comment

According to the British Medical Journal, “fewer people identify themselves as overweight or obese, even though they’re growing heavier“. 

Speculation is that we’ve become accustomed to seeing excess weight around us, which makes sense considering that more than 300 million adults in the world are overweight.  It is more common to see a heavy person than a person at a healthy weight.

I know that’s supposed to be bad news, but part of me, when I read this, was cheered by it.  I spent so many years feeling like a minority, always being the heaviest girl in the room, that it’s kinda nice to think that now there are more of “us”.  I remember vividly the sheer joy I felt when I walked into my first NAAFA meeting and saw all the people who looked like me, many of whom were wonderfully wider than I was by quite a bit!

What’s nutty is that I’m no longer one of “us”.  I’m moving into that rarer category of someone who’s at a healthy weight.  Weird how circumstances change, isn’t it?!

Weirder still is that I continue to see myself heavier than I am.  In many ways, I still indentify myself with the “round girls”.  In my mind, I’m thinner than I was but remain “round”. 

Perceptions are crazy things.  How do you see yourself?


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