You never know what people are thinking

November 7, 2008 at 2:48 pm 1 comment

Isn’t it funny how you can go along, having a not-so-good day, feeling goofy about yourself, being just surer than anything that everyone else around you thinks you’re goofy, too?  Or unattractive?  That happens to me fairly frequently.  Because I struggle with my body image so much internally, I tend to think that others are seeing the “bad” stuff I see in my head.

Every now and then, though, I get a much needed reality check.  My BF and I were at our favorite bar last night, celebrating the birthday of the bar’s owner.  We ran into several regulars including one who had been at the bar for their Halloween party.  I was there, too, in my “Mod Bunny” costume, and had chatted with him briefly that night.

Well, last night, he took me aside to tell me that he had never realized until Halloween night, when he saw me in my short mod dress, that I had the most “amazing legs” he’d “ever seen”.  Wow!  How cool is that?!  He went on for a few minutes, telling me that he’s seen a lot of legs in his day, and mine were truly amazing.  He said he even remembered exactly when, that night, he’d noticed… and he described the moment to me.

It was awesome, and it’s another one of those snippets that will go into my “good things” memory vault, to be brought out when I am feeling unaccountably low. 

Not only was a great morale booster for me, but it also reminded me how important it is that we compliment each other when we appreciate something about another person.  You never know when or how those genuinely kind words will benefit someone.  And, you never know for sure what people are thinking.


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How do you see yourself? He’s lost 30 pounds! Kudos to my BF!

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  • 1. Tammy  |  November 12, 2008 at 5:55 am

    I just stumbled on your site tonight and wow did you just get my attention with this post! I can totally relate. I have one of those moments also. Years ago a friend introduced me to her brother. He had one word he said to her about me and I have always considered it the best compliment I’ve ever recieved. He simply said, “mercy.” We all need to hear something like that once in a while.


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