Break Dancing down Memory Lane

November 18, 2008 at 1:42 am Leave a comment

Food fads come and go faster than you can spit out your Bubble Yum.

So, put on your parachute pants, adjust your shoulder pads, and crank up your Walkman while you peruse this nifty list of the Top 10 Foods from the 80s from Shine.

10. Jawbreakers – “They came in a slew of sizes, depending on your tolerance.”

9. The California Raisins – “Shriveled-up grapes can become Motown rock stars!”

8. Cool Ranch Doritos – “The most popular snack in the Circle K was a turquoise-flecked triangular chip. With actual fat!”

7. Tri-Color Pasta Salad – Bring this colorful salad, and “you were the most popular person at the potluck.”

6. Orange Julius – “Due to a corporate merger, they can actually be found in select Dairy Queens, seven of these are hiding in Singapore.”

5. Equal – “Equal may keep your thighs right for bike-shorts, but we worry about what its evil toxins will do to the rest of you.”

4. Artificially Flavored Fruit Snacks – “Did you have one of the cool moms who bought you Fruit by the Foot, Gushers, or Fruit Roll-Ups?”

3. Tab Cola – “Since this soda catered to “beautiful people,” Tab ran commercials where the sleek can made waifish girls irresistible to hot guys.”

2. Lean Cuisine – “Launched in 1981, the zappable Lean Cuisines started with ten options; they now offer more than 100.”

1. Capri Sun – “First trademarked in Germany in the ’50s, the pouches later became huge at soccer games and school lunches.”


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