Are you a “Latte Spy”?

November 20, 2008 at 1:45 am Leave a comment

“I am a loyal fan of Starbucks, and as a result, I go quite regularly. That said, every time I order a drink there, I strongly doubt that my drink will be made the way I ordered. My distrust has gotten so bad, that I hover over the ‘pick-up’ station to watch how my drink is made to ensure it’s prepared correctly. I pretend to not be watching, but I am. I have become, in essence, a Latte Spy.”

I am exactly like Brett at Sheer Balance.  I watch the baristas at Starbucks like a hawk when they make my drinks.  Unlike Brett, though, I am not subtle about it… although I do smile a lot while to generate goodwill.  The fact is, I have caught the baristas making my drink with regular syrup, instead of sugar-free, too many times to relax my vigilance.  Regular syrup can make a huge difference in the calories a drink contains, especially if you order a venti or like your beverage particularly sweet as I do.  These types of substitution mistakes could cost you a minimum 100 calories for every beverage, and if you’re a high-volume Starbucks customer, that can add up quick!

I have a pretty low calorie threshold for the day, so every calorie I consume counts a lot.  I simply must be extra careful.  So, while outwardly, it might seem obnoxiously high maintenance – and even insulting to the hardworking baristas – I can’t afford not to monitor their preparations.

I used to feel really guilty about this behavior, but now I don’t.  I’ve worked extremely hard to lose 120+ pounds, and I have the right to make sure I know what I’m imbibing.  I figure that as long as I do it in a friendly way, with an occasional “I really have to watch my calories” comment by way of explanation, I’m being respectful of the staff while still taking care of myself.


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