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December 2, 2008 at 2:42 pm Leave a comment

pole1 pole2 Two years ago, I took a pole dancing class and fell in love.  The instructor was amazing: so approachable and celebratory of everyone’s efforts with the most amazing muscle tone – and beauty of movement – I have ever seen.  It took the cheesiness out of pole dancing and elevated it to high art.

Several months ago, I finally bought a pole for myself and have had it set up in the bedroom.  I used it a lot at first, even had fun demonstrating a couple different spins for my adopted fam during my PB&J party.  I’ve since slacked off, focusing on other things.

I’ve been restless, trying to decide what adventure to pursue next, so this week – in honor of the first day of December – I impulsively signed up for a month’s worth of unlimited classes at the pole fitness studio in town.  It cost $99 a month, but there’s no contract.  So, I’m not locked into anything.  Last night, I attended my first two classes: Pole Level 1 and Booty Camp.  It was so fun to revisit all the moves I learned in the first class two years ago!  The studio offers several levels of pole work, and I’m looking forward to moving up to bigger and better spins.  Plus, now I have my own pole to practice with at home!  Yay! 

Booty camp was interesting.  Lots of jogging, weirdly enough.  I’m going back tonight.  I plan to go several times a week, mainly when my BF is working out of town.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk, eating too much and fighting a couple of pounds up, so being out of the house is a good thing… especially if it involves exercise.

As always, perspective is important, and like looking at old photographs, attending the classes gave me a perspective I really need right now.  I look so different from two years ago.  Then, even after having lost a bunch of weight, I was one of the biggest gals in the class.  Now, I fit right in with most of the other ladies; in fact, there are a couple who are much bigger than me… and I’m so proud of them for being there!  I personally know how hard that can be, particularly in a class that’s all about sexiness.

I was also impressed with my physical stamina.  So much of the exercise I do is in a vacuum.  I have no way of knowing for sure how I compare to other people.  I also do a lot of the same stuff, so I’m never quite sure what my general level of fitness is.  Good news!  I had no trouble at all keeping up last night; I could have done more.  It was cool to realize how far I’ve come!


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