Booty Camp, Day 2, and a Lap Dance

December 5, 2008 at 2:49 pm 1 comment

So far this week, I’ve attended five hours of classes at the pole fitness studio, and I’ve loved every single class.  I plan to rack up a couple more hours before the week is out.

They offer “Booty Camp” several times a week, and I was a litle worried that it would be repetitive and quickly grow stale.  Nope!  The second class had most of the same moves as the first, but the instructor – AJ – changed things up nicely, and I once again used my muscles differently.  I was sweatin’ by the end, which is how I like it.

Lap Dance class was fascinating.  This was my first experience with learning to lap dance.  My instructor is an actual stripper, and man, is she amazing!  That girl knows how to move, and she’s an athlete.  When I complimented her, she said, “that’s probably why I get $100 tips.”  Nice!

Walking around the chair isn’t hard.  Your stripper walk is just centered on the chair, rather than being a straight line.  Turning from behind the chair was interesting, though.  Gotta remember to get my inside foot positioned correctly to lift my outside leg high enough when I pivot.  I found sitting on the chair and laying back – and later jumping on the edge of the chair, perching on my toes – a bit challenging, and I’m not sure how it’s going to fly with my BF actually sitting there!  My instructor assured me that it’ll work just fine, and I guess she’d know.  🙂

I also learned more pole tricks this week, including a backwards spin.  It was so pretty when my instructor did it!  I did okay, but it’s definitely going to take me a while to loosen up and make my moves beautiful… not mention get rid of the bruises!  Yup… bruising, especially at the beginning, is a common pitfall of early pole dance training. 

I’m so glad I’m taking the classes regularly.  I’ve tried doing it on my own, and it’s very hard to get it right.  Plus, the way my pole at home is positioned, I can’t see myself in the mirror to evaluate my form and presentation. 

We also did some terrific stretching.  I really need the stretching.  My stair workouts are excellent cardio and great for my bum, but they tighten up my muscles.

More later after I take the weekend classes!


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